The Celtics are ‘looking into’ Rajon Rondo staying in LA for a birthday party while the team went to Sacramento

Rajon RondoThe Boston Celtics were in Los Angeles to play the Lakers on Friday and on Saturday, the team headed to Sacramento to play the Kings. Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo was given Saturday off by the team, but was expected to make the trip to Sacramento.

But instead of joining his teammates in Sacramento, Rondo stayed in Los Angeles to reportedly attend a birthday party.

Rondo downplayed the issue before Monday’s game in Utah saying, “We already talked about it. There’s nothing to talk about.” In contrast, Celtics GM believe there is more to talk about and is looking into Rondo’s absence on Saturday.

“I plan on talking to Rondo when he gets back into town,” he told the Herald. “I’ll find out more about what went into it, and then we’ll handle it internally. We handle all of those kind of issues internally.”

Reaction amongst the Celtics regarding Rondo being MIA ranged from displeasure to shoulder shrugging. And though, Rondo could be fined or suspended, it’s unclear if Rondo will receive any punishment. Especially since the owner loves himself some Rajon Rondo.

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