Report: Jimmy Haslam wanted Bill Parcells to run the Browns

bill-parcellsEarlier today, we discussed a few possible reasons why Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam decided to part ways with Joe Banner and Michael Lombardi. Thanks to Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report, we now have yet another possible driving force behind Haslam’s decision.

According to Freeman, Haslam reached out to Hall of Famer Bill Parcells for advice. But at some point, Haslam decided that he didn’t just want advice from Parcells. What he really wanted was for Parcells to come in and run the Browns.

Several sources with knowledge of the situation said owner JimmyHaslam wanted Parcells to run the team.
Parcells told Bleacher Report that he spoke to the Browns, but no job offer was made.

Parcells explained in an e-mail that he talked to the Browns “only about how I believe organizations succeed and others fail.”

[…..] I’m told Haslam saw Parcells as a way for the Browns to regain the credibility lost from the recent string of embarrassing moves the team has made.

The problem with possibly pursuing Parcells is that he’s 72 years old and clearly done with football.

If this news trickled out a week ago, it would’ve been immediatel dismissedy. As Freeman points out, Parcells is 72 years old. Also, Parcells has been out of football since 2010. Add all of this to the fact that a week ago, Joe Banner was running the Browns organization and you instantly have a non-story.

But now that Banner is gone, is Haslam hoping that Parcells would join him for a year just to clean things up in Cleveland and get the Browns on the right track?

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