Report: Gun seized from Raymond Felton was loaded with ‘armor-piercing bullets’

raymond-feltonWe are beginning to learn more details about Raymond Felton’s arrest on weapons charges.

First off, according to the New York Post, it was Felton’s estranged wife, Ariane Raymondo-Felton who turned Felton’s gun over to police. Raymondo-Felton reportedly told police that the couple has had four verbal altercations since July. And during the most recent one, Felton pointed the gun at her. Raymondo-Felton recently filed for divorce.

As for the gun in question, the New York Daily News reports that the gun is a Belgian-made FN Five-seveN and it was delivered to police Raymondo-Felton’s full of “armor-piercing bullets.”

Cops were stunned when they removed the magazine from the pistol and a bullet fell out, indicating the weapon was ready to fire, the source said.

One notable difference between the Post’s report and the Daily News’ report is around whether or not Felton pointed the gun at Raymondo-Felton. The Post says he did while the Daily News says only that Felton would “wave the weapon around when he became irate”, but he never pointed the gun at his wife.

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