New Orleans Pelicans’ new arena sponsor Smoothie King has products that tested positive for PEDs

1391710794000-AP-Pelicans-Arena-DealLooks like professional athletes  players are not the only ones getting tested for banned substances these days. The well known smoothie restaurant Smoothie King also had its products tested for banned substances.

When the New Orleans Pelicans were finalizing its naming rights agreement with Smoothie King to be the sponsor of their arena in New Orleans, the health drink chain had to ensure that its products all adhered to the NBA’s drug testing policy. And according to  Jed Lipinski at The Times-Picayune, some of the Smoothie King’s products tested positive for PEDS.

According to Rocky Gettys, Smoothie King’s vice president of product development, some of the retail products found on Smoothie King’s shelves were found to contain substances on the NBA’s prohibited list. The substances included two steroid hormones: dehydroepiandrosterone, commonly known as DHEA, and androstenedione, made famous by home run king Mark McGwire, who said he took the over-the-counter muscle enhancer before it was banned by Major League Baseball in 2004.

CEO of Smoothie King Wan Kim says that the NBA wanted to make sure that their players could eat and drink Smoothie King products and not have to worry about testing positive for banned substances. Kim simplified things by saying this:

“Say we become the official smoothie of the NBA,” Kim said. “If a player consumes one of our products and then fails the drug test, he could go to the NBA and say, ‘Hey, what’s going on?’ All of a sudden it’s the NBA’s fault.”

It’s a crazy world that we live that a drinking a smoothie could lead to an player testing positive for a banned substance.

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