Michael Sam’s father says he was ‘terribly misquoted’

Michael SamMichael Sam’s father, Michael Sam Sr. caused quite a stir with the comments he made to the New York Times regarding his son being gay. His comments caused such a stir that Sam Sr. is now saying that the Times misquoted him.

In an interview with the Galveston Daily News, Sam Sr. says he was “terribly misquoted and that he never told the Times that he was old-school and “man and woman type of guy.” He also denied that he didn’t want his grandkids “raised in that kind of environment.”

And his quote that Deacon Jones “is turning over in his grave?” Sam Sr. says that his comment was taken out of context. He contends that he really said that “Deacon Jones is going to roll over in his grave because here comes my son and that he’s going to be a star in the NFL.”

The New York Times sent an email to the Galveston Daily News saying that they stand by their story.

We generally are not inclined to discuss the details of our reporting, but I can assure you that we quoted Mr. Sam accurately and fairly,” Stallman wrote. “I’ve gone over it with our reporters, and everything was rock solid, beyond any doubt.”

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