Miami Heat players reportedly don’t want Danny Granger

danny-grangerDanny Granger was traded from one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference in the Pacers to one the worst teams in the Eastern Conference in the Sixers literally right before the NBA trade deadline passed.

Predictably, Granger is pissed off about being sent to a team literally playing for the #1 pick in the 2014 NBA draft and he wants out. Many around the league felt that once Granger received his buyout from the Sixers, he would look to join either the Heat or the Spurs.

It’s unclear if the Spurs are interested, but according to the Miami Herald, it’s very clear that the Miami Heat players at least are not interested.

The dislike for Granger apparently centers on the way Granger handled himself in the 2012 playoffs. Granger was very physical with LeBron James and nearly frustrated James to the point where the Pacers nearly won the series. The core group of Heat players haven’t forgotten 2012 and they would much rather sign an older Caron Butler than Granger.

Heat players would clearly prefer [Caron] Butler; he and Dwyane Wade are close from their days as Heat teammates, and Granger irritated the Heat’s stars by getting in their faces after fouls in the 2012 playoffs. At the time, LeBron James called Granger’s conduct “stupid.”

So it looks like Granger will have to land with the Spurs or another Western Conference contender.

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  1. Portland TrailBlazers need a bigtime 6th man so Granger fits the bill perfectly

  2. Orelvis Casanova says:

    Butler is a good guy,,,I want him in Miami,,, Pleaseeeeeee

  3. Eddie Jackson jr. says:

    I hope it is no because they had a little bump and grind with Granger he did what he had to do to help his team at the same time he was helping the Heat when we got to the next level remember Jordan and the Bulls do you really think Jordan wanted to play with Rodman No but he suck it up embrace e the decision and won another championship this is a part of game do you want to win or not?

  4. Heat players need to keep an open mind on this, here is one player you know will give 110% against Indiana every game! You know paybacks a B…….

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