LeBron James held his own dunk contest after a recent Heat practice


Each year around this time, everyone sits around and wishes that LeBron James would finally enter the dunk contest. Also each year around time, James chooses to give us a taste of what it would be like if he did indeed participate in a dunk contest.

Last season, James chose to use pregame warm-ups to give everyone a taste of his dunk contest repertoire. And this season, James chose to use a recent Miami Heat practice.

James has repeatedly stated that it isn’t necessary for him to enter the dunk contest because he’s “an in-game dunker.”

Teammate Dwyane Wade also understands why James continuously passes on the invitation to be a part of the contest.

“I think if [he] did get in it, people would expect him to jump off an airplane,” Wade said. “The expectation is so high that it might be a small letdown as well. The man can fly, butBlake Griffin jumped over cars, so LeBron James has to jump over something else. The window has passed from that standpoint.”

But in case you think James is afraid to enter the contest, he was quick to point out that he’d “win it”.


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