Jim Boeheim doesn’t think Carmelo Anthony should re-sign with the Knicks if they can’t win a championship

boeheim-anthonyEveryone has an opinion on what Carmelo Anthony should do this summer. Carmelo and his wife both say they want to stay in New York. But the allure of playing in Chicago with Derrick Rose and in Los Angeles with Kobe Bryant is there.

The name of the game in the NBA is winning championships. Up until this point, Anthony hasn’t seemed all that worried about winning one. But now Anthony, who is almost 30, is in his 10th year in the league. While other stars from that 2003-2004 draft class have won multiple championships, Anthony has none.

So maybe it’s time to start chasing a championship and not a max contract. And if you ask his former Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim, Anthony’s sole focus during his upcoming free agency should be to find a team he can win a championship with.

Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim said Carmelo Anthony likes it in New York, but he should consider his legacy before signing his next contract.

Boeheim, Anthony’s coach for one season at Syracuse and as an assistant on the U.S. National Team, said on ESPN Radio Wednesday that Anthony should play for a team that can win it all. “The problem in the NBA, you’re judged on winning championships,” Boeheim said. “He’s got to try to go and play where they can win a championship or else he’s going to be a failure. That’s the bottom line.”

LeBron James caught a lot of flak for The Decision, but at the end of the day, he won. And though all haven’t forgotten how LeBron left Cleveland, most have because he won.

And if Carmelo decides to leave New York and wins, everyone will forget about the Carmelo Anthony that everyone thinks is a team killer today.

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