Jack McDowell says there are Hall of Famers that ‘everyone knows’ used PEDs

jack-mcdowellEvery year, baseball writers huff and puff about not voting for the likes of Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, and Sammy Sosa because of their belief that they all used PEDs. In the writer’s mind, they are doing their baseball duty by keeping those juicers out of their pristine Hall of Fame.

Despite all of the writer’s huffing and puffing and guarding the door to the Hall of Fame, former MLB pitcher is here to let everyone know that the Hall of Fame is far from pristine. In fact, McDowell says it’s pretty well known amongst former and current MLB players that there are indeed PEDs users already in the Hall of Fame.

McDowell revealed this to Scot Gregor of the Daily Herald during a recent promotional appearance in Chicago. Upon Gregor asking McDowell, “You’ve been outspoken about suspected PED users and the Hall of Fame. Why?”, McDowell spills the beans.

I just think it’s too bad that only the handful of guys take the brunt of it from everybody. Meanwhile, a ton of other guys were into it. You can’t fix the other part, the players who (Hall of Fame voters) say are clean.
All of us who were around kind of smirk at each other. There are guys in there (HOF) already that everyone knows (weren’t clean). It’s part of the deal.

Unless you’re going to use a lie detector on everybody, you’re never going to know who did and who didn’t.

Even with this information in hand, I’m sure baseball writers will continue to guard the door of the Hall of Fame because they really believe that their Hall of Fame is free of PED users. But as McDowell says, you’re never going to know everyone who’s cheated.


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