Gold medals at the Sochi Winter Olympics are worth $566

sochi-medalsAccording to Forbes, the gold medals that will be awarded during the Sochi Winter Olympics will be one of the biggest gold medals in Olympic history. Though it is one of the biggest, it won’t be the most valuable gold medal ever distributed in history. That distinct goes to the London Summer Olympics which awarded gold medals worth $708. Yet and still, the gold medals in Sochi will be worth $566. Not too shabby at all.

The medals weigh 531 grams with a thickness of 10 mm, and a diameter of 100 mm. They contain “525 grams of silver with a 960 hallmark and 6 grams of gold with a 999 hallmark.”

The silver medals are worth $323 while the bronze medals are worth $3.25.

The Sochi Olympics organizing committee accepted multiple designs for the medals until they found a design that “best depicted the Sochi 2014 brand concept.”

Leading advertising agencies, jewelers, clockmakers, licensees and Russian designers took part in the competition for the design of the medals. A total of 11 designs were proposed. From these, an expert panel chose the design that best depicted the Sochi 2014 brand concept, according to the Sochi organizing committee.

The main design feature is a “Patchwork Quilt”—a mosaic of national designs from the various cultures and ethnic groups that make up the Russian Federation, according to the Sochi Olympics organizing committee. The design also depicts the varied landscape of Sochi, with the sun’s rays reflecting through a prism of snowy mountain tops onto the beaches of the Black Sea coast.

Image via Forbes

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