Empty seats at Sochi Winter Olympics are being filled by volunteers

sochi-venueThe various problems at the Sochi Winter Olympics have been well documented. Whether the problem has been Olympians getting trapped in various places or stray dogs roaming about, things haven’t gone exactly to plan in Sochi.

And those problems have accounted for, a bigger problem is bubbling up at Olympic venues. Namely, fans are either not showing up or stringent security checks are causing theme show up late. This in turn is leading to television shots of venues with nothing but empty seats.

So to remedy this problem, Sochi Olympic organizers have been asking volunteers to fill these empty until spectators show up or throughout an event.

Sochi Winter Olympics organisers are asking volunteers to fill some of the empty seats at venues during competition, they said on Monday.

Some 70 percent of tickets were sold prior to the event in the Russian Black Sea resort and briefs have also been put on sale at ticket offices in the city.

But with some venues having empty seats due to fans arriving late, tight security checks and departing Russian spectators, organisers want to make sure the pictures broadcast around the world show full stadiums.

“As with every organising committee, we do have the motivation programme, personal motivation programme, so those volunteers who are not in shifts might take part in it,” Sochi Games spokeswomanAlexandra Kosterina told reporters.

“It depends on the events. If we see that there is not a turnout and there are seats available then, yes, we invite some of the volunteers to join in.”


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