Deron Williams says he knows he can't bring his guns to New York

Deron Williams

Raymond Felton made national headlines on Tuesday after being arrested on weapons charges.I think most people know by now that because of the strict gun laws New York has, Felton could be in big trouble.

Brooklyn Nets guard Deron Williams who is an gun enthusiast says he knows better to bring his guns to New York.

“I got my license to carry in like 26 states, but I’m not bringing my gun to New York City,” Williams said before the Nets practiced at UCLA on Tuesday and before they traveled up the coast for Wednesday night’s game with the Trail Blazers. “I know better than that.”

“It’s a tough situation,” Williams said. “I wish the best for Ray. I know Ray well. That’s tough for him.”

I thought after the Plaxico Burress situation that most athletes would be more careful when it comes to having guns. With the way the New York guns laws are, I would be nervous about having a gun in my possession.

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