Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert doesn't regret writing ‘The Letter’

Dan GilbertIt’s been nearly four years since LeBron James left Cleveland for Miami. And it was around that same time, the world was introduced to Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert.

As we all know, Gilbert was very upset and wrote what has now been named “The Letter” to the Cavalier fan base. He also wrote the famous line that he personally guaranteed that Cleveland would win the NBA title before LeBron would.

Well during a Q&A session with Jason Lloyd of the Beacon Journal, Gilbert was asked if he regretted writing “The Letter”. Here is how Gilbert responded:

“I would’ve reworded the language in The Letter, but I don’t regret sending a letter out to our fan base. People forget the letter was not to LeBron, it was to our fan base. If I had to do it again, for sure, I would’ve reworded several parts of it. But I think it definitely needed a strong statement from me at that time. I keep a couple binders on my desk and I have a binder of the responses to The Letter from the people of Cleveland. There’s thousands, maybe 2,000 from every facet of life, from CEOs of big companies to hand-written letters from 94-year-old ladies, from street sweepers to policemen and firemen. The response went way beyond. For some reason, it appealed to this generational Cleveland thing. If you want to talk about books, someone should publish all the responses to The Letter. It was like, ‘We’re from Cleveland and we’ve been rejected.”

He was also asked if he expected firestorm that came with it.

“No, not to the extent that it did. I didn’t think it would. Going back now and looking, yeah probably. But at the time? I didn’t think it would become sort of the thing that it did.”

There’s no doubt that the Cavaliers have been reeling since LeBron’s departure. They’ve fired their GM, the Andrew Bynum deal blew up in their face and now with reports of Kyrie Irving wanting out, Gilbert has a lot of work to do to please his fan base again.

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