Apparently, it’s quite possible that Jonathan Martin returns to the Dolphins

Jonathan MartinAt one point during the Jonathan Martin – Richie Incognito story, it was almost certain that neither of them would be back with the Dolphins. So the focus began to shift to whether or not either would even be in the league next season.

In Incognito’s case, most were certain that some team would be able to look past his baggage and sign him. But after Wednesday’s outburst on Twitter, Incognito’s NFL future is uncertain once again.

As for Martin, some believed that it was quite possibly that not only would he be against returning to the Dolphins, but no other team would touch. Though the latter may remain true, it seems that with all the change that has happened in Miami, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that Martin is now open to returning to the Dolphins.

Since the flames of controversy ignited following Martin’s departure from the team in October, it had seemed to be a long shot that he would ever play another down for the ‘Fins. However, the atmosphere has changed in Miami. Former general manager Jeff Ireland is out, it’s doubtful Richie Incognito will return, and the locker-room culture likely will be transformed in the wake of bullying accusations. In fact, Martin’s people have been in contact with the Dolphins on some level over the past couple of weeks, per Rapoport.

Miami is most likely the only place where Martin can resume his NFL career, so it makes sense that he’s now open to returning.

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