Add Eugene Monroe to the list of players who won't be giving their team a discount

Eugene Monroe

The Baltimore Ravens see Eugene Monroe as a player they want to sign to a long term deal. But according to Monroe, there will be no hometown discounts for the Ravens. Monroe was on 1570 WNST in Baltimore and he made it clear to host Glenn Clark that he wouldn’t be entertaining any discounts.

Here is what is some of what Monroe had to say about the subject.

Everyone in the business should understand, even coaches when they’re going through their deals negotiating contracts, you have to get the absolute best because you put forth your best effort all the time, every single day in this league,” Monroe said. “So there are definitely no discounts, and you have to have you and your family’s best interests at heart in terms of negotiating these deals.”

“It’s interesting, wanting to be here but also knowing there could be possibilities everywhere and just waiting patiently to see how those opportunities may unfold.”

It will be interesting to see how much the Ravens are willing to spend to keep Monroe.

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