Adam Silver thinks the NBA should rival the NFL in popularity

adam-silverAdam Silver has officially taken over as NBA commissioner. And though he has many things he may want to achieve, one could argue that increasing the popularity of his league should be one of his primary focuses.

Silver, who is on his first road trip as commissioner, joined the Sacramento Kings’ broadcast team to compliment the Kings, the city, and the new ownership. Once he was done with all that, he acknowledged that there is no reason why the NBA isn’t more popular. In fact, Silver went on to say that the NBA should rival the NFL in popularity.

“As much as we talk about international […] I still think there’s an enormous opportunity in the United States. […] I think this game should be a rival to football. In the United States, it’s the No. 1 participatory sport. We’ve all played it. I want to focus on the game. The business is going well, but this is a beautiful game.”

This is exactly what Silver should focus on, but boy does he have a lot of work to do to even get the NBA in the NFL’s stratosphere. 35% of fans say that the NFL is their favorite sport, while only 6% of fans chose the NBA. The difference there is staggering.

So good luck, Adam Silver. This will be hard, but it’s definitely something that needs to be addressed.

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