A missed call from Suns front office had a breathless P.J. Tucker fearing he had been traded

P.J. TuckerThe trade deadline can be a very stressful day for players who don’t know if what’s in store for their future. According to Phoenix Suns President of Basketball Operations, Lon Babby one player in Phoenix was on edge as the deadline approached.

Babby was on the Dan Bickley Show in Arizona and told a story about how Suns forward P.J. Tucker thought he was about to be traded.

“We had one — I thought it was funny, but I don’t think he did — moment yesterday,” Babby said. “Ryan [McDonough] and I, once they’re were announcing his fines for flopping, we wanted to call P.J. [Tucker] first and let him know this about to be announced. And, so we leave him a message. We get this breathless call back.

“Ryan and I look at each other and immediately realized that he probably thought he was being traded. So, he was probably the happiest guy in the world that he was only fined $5,000.”

Also here is a video of Suns general manager Ryan McDonough talking about P.J. Tucker’s Trade deadline scare. Go to 6:26 on the video.

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