While most players have been out enjoying Super Bowl week, Nate Irving has been locked in his hotel room playing Pokemon

San Francisco 49ers v Denver BroncosDenver Broncos linebacker Nate Irving has seen the number of snaps he’s playing increase since the season ending injury to Von Miller. And with his increased snaps, Irving has been able to work his way into being a key cog on the Denver defense.

But we’re not here to breakdown Irving’s season or his potential impact on the Super Bowl. We’re here to discuss what Irving has been doing this week. Long story short, nothing but practicing and sitting in his hotel room playing Pokemon.

Broncos linebacker Nate Irving has his own plans for a wild week: He will stay in his Jersey City hotel room and, for three hours a night, try to capture adorable monsters with names like Pikachu and Jigglypuff in a Japanese kids’ videogame called “Pokemon.”

Irving, 25, has no desire to leave the Jersey City Hyatt and visit Manhattan. “I’m actually going to sit in my hotel room, play my ‘Pokemon’ game,” he said.

None of this a surprise to Irving’s teammates as he is already known as the team weirdo.

“He does little weird things,” said Broncos defensive end Robert Ayers.
[….] Irving likes to talk to himself, sing to himself and dance by himself. Ayers said he once spotted Irving driving home after practice, bobbing his head up and down to music. The stereo wasn’t on.

And now you know everything you need to know about Nate Irving.

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