USADA CEO Travis Tygart: Alex Rodriguez drug regimen most potent we’ve ever seen

alex-rodriguez-yankeesOn Tuesday, we gave you a glimpse into what Alex Rodriguez’s alleged drug regimen consisted of. Even I, someone that knows nothing about medicine, was struck by how detailed the regime was and all the many substances Rodriguez was taking.

It turns out that I was right to be struck by Rodriguez’s alleged regimen because USADA CEO Travis Tygart is also struck by it. In fact, after reviewing the regimen and other evidence from Rodriguez’s arbitration decision, Tygart told the AP that Rodriguez’s PED use is the most potent he’s ever seen.

” “No one who cares about clean sports likes to hear it,” Tygart said in an interview with The Associated Press. “And don’t just take my word for it. Look at the findings of an independent arbitrator who saw all the evidence, sat through the testimony and laid the whole conspiracy out.

Tygart said Bosch’s regimen included dozens of blood tests to see how the drugs were metabolizing and which doses to use when. It included peptides and female fertility drugs to supplement testosterone, human growth hormone and an insulin-like growth factor.

“At the end of the day,” Tygart added, “this was a potent cocktail of sophisticated PEDs stacked together to deliver power, aid recovery, avoid detection and create a home run champion.”

Such a sophisticated regimen defies everything that the Rodriguez camp has argued about Anthony Bosch. Their argument is that Bosch was a wannabe who was looking for money. But when Dr. Gary Wadler, past chairman of the World Anti-Doping Agency’s banned substance committee reviews the regimen, it’s clear that Bosch was anything but a wannabe. Bosch clearly knew what he was doing.

“It was illegal from start to finish and not all of it was scientific, but let’s be honest — this guy Bosch knew an awful lot of what he was talking about.”

If hitting 800 home runs was truly Rodriguez’s motivation, it certainly seemed that he had the drugs to help get him there.

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  1. I suspect you are using the wrong word over and over throughout this snippet.
    Regimen – Medicine/Medical . a regulated course, as of diet, exercise, or manner of living, intended to preserve or restore health or to attain some result.

    Regime – a mode or system of rule or government: a dictatorial regime.

    So unless A-Rod is now accused of being a Drug Lord too, the word is regimen.

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