The Seahawks pay Texas A&M $5,000 a year to use the ‘12th Man’ moniker

12th-manAs the Seattle Seahawks gained more and more notoriety over the past few seasons, Texas A&M fans have made it a point to let the world know that they are the real “12th Man”, not Seahawks fans. And as the Seahawks were winning their NFC Championship and advancing to the Super Bowl, the biggest star wearing Texas A&M across his chest also made it a point to remind everyone that the real “12 Man” resides in College Station, Texas, not Seattle.

But if we’re really interested in finding out who’s truly is the real “12th Man”, all we have to do is follow the money. And if we do, we find that the money is leaving the Seahawks’ bank account into the Aggies’ pocket for the rights to use the “12 Man” moniker.

In fact, the Seahawks began shelling out money to Texas A&M back in 2006 with an initial payment of $100,000. Every year since, the Seahawks have paid $5,000 a year to use the moniker.

Here’s the legal agreement via Good Bull Hunting:










The agreement is set to end in 2016, so the Aggies may decide to raise that price a little with the increased buzz surrounding the Seahawks these days.

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  1. “And as the Seahawks were winning their AFC Championship”

    Is this supposed to be a sport column? Last time I checked they weren’t in the AFC…

  2. They also stole ‘Beast Mode’ from the Milwaukee Brewers and designed their unis to look like a ripoff of the Oregon Ducks. Fake ass fans of a fake ass team.

  3. The 12th man idea was originally Iowa’s. But Texas A&M picked up on it and patented it. So Iowa should have jumped on that patent process I suppose.

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