Sports fans love the NFL, the NBA not so much

nfl-fansA recent Harris poll asked adult fans, ages 18 and over what their favorite sport is. Since 1985 when the Harris Poll started this survey professional football has won out each and every year. And this year is no different.

According to the poll, 35% percent of fans say that the NFL is their favorite sport. In second comes MLB with only 14% percent of fans claiming it to be their favorite sport. For perspective in how far the NFL has come, we can go back to the initial poll in 1985 where the NFL beat out MLB by just 1%. In 2014, the difference between the two is 21%.

As alarming as the NFL’s dominance in the poll is, the most alarming finding from the survey is just how many fans call the NBA their favorite sport. The poll shows that the only 6% of fans chose the NBA as their favorite sport. A percentage that puts the NBA fifth amongst the major sports behind the NFL, MLB, college football, and auto racing. Yes, auto racing.

So obviously, the NBA is having trouble appealing to the masses and it’s not exactly clear how this can be fixed.


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