Roger Goodell joins the chorus of criticism of Richard Sherman’s postgame rant

NFL: St. Louis Rams at Seattle SeahawksWe’re in the dead week before the Super Bowl, so Roger Goodell is showing up everywhere you turn, whether in print or television. Despite his many appearances this week, we hadn’t heard a peep about how he felt about Richard Sherman’s postgame rant after making a career defining play to send the Seahawks to the Super Bowl.

That all changed on Thursday, when Goodell made an appearance on “CBS This Morning” to discuss everything NFL. During the appearance, Goodell made it clear that though he thinks Sherman is “a great young man”, but he can’t applaud Sherman for his rant.

“No, I’m not cheering for that,” Goodell said on “CBS This Morning” on Thursday, referring to comments Sherman made about San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtreefollowing the Seahawks’ thrilling 23-17 victory last weekend. “(Sherman) is such a great young man. He is extremely well-spoken, does great things off the field, obviously a great player on the field. I want him to present himself in the best possible way and make sure that he is reflecting on himself and his family in a positive way.”

So now you know Roger Goodell’s opinion on Richard Sherman’s actions. File that away with the million other opinions you’ve either heard or read since last Sunday.

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