Report: Peyton Manning to retire after the Super Bowl win or lose

peyton-manningEarlier this week, comments made by Peyton Manning suggesting that he would return next season made the rounds. Those comments caused many, especially in Denver, to proclaim, that Peyton Manning will return in 2014.

While many have taken that proclamation as the gospel, Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report has not. In fact, Freeman believes that Manning will indeed retire no matter what happens in Sunday’s Super Bowl against the Seahawks. And many people that Freeman has spoken to around the league also feel the same.

I don’t believe it for a second, and I can tell you few people around theNFL believe it. Almost everyone thinks Manning is gone if he wins and plays well in the victory. In fact, many believe Manning is gone, win or lose.

The belief around football is that Manning is saying he hasn’t made up his mind because he doesn’t want to be the story of Super Bowl week. Imagine the pressure on the Broncos if Manning came out and said, “Yeah, I’m gone after this, dude. See ya.” It would be one of the biggest stories in Super Bowl history. Manning is a lot smarter than that.

Everything about this report makes sense. We all know Manning is one hit away from being seriously injured and we know he definitely has a life after football.

Manning also not wanting to become a distraction during Super Bowl week also makes sense. So if I had to guess which scenario I believe most, I would side with Freeman’s scenario.

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  1. If you listened to Peyton’s Q & A at Media Day yesterday you would understand that not only will he be back next year but I’m guessing the next 3 or 4 years depending on injuries. Why would the best QB in the league leave after this year? He barely gets touched during games, he sits out practice Wed and sometimes Thurs, he couldn’t have it any better. Denver will draft a few new O linemen in this draft, we will see, my money is one 3 or 4 more years at least, he wants to catch Brady on Superbowls if he can and I think he can. Love these bogus reports to drum up attention during Superbowl week.

    • Agreed. Its pretty sad. It was very clear that he thinks “He has not hit his potential yet.”

    • I agree besides if Manning wants to keep a secret he can trust me. Freeman doesn’t know anything now anymore than Rob Lowe did two years ago when he said Manning was going to retire.

  2. Mike Freeman is the one trying to make up a huge Super Bowl story here. Name one other source or one quote that relates to Manning retiring??? I could name hundreds for the opposite side. Manning did not go through all those surgeries for 2 playing years. If healthy, Manning will play until he’s 40.

  3. This is just one man’s opinion and means nothing. A sports writer saying someone will retire, like he knows how Manning feels. Freeman just wrote the crap story so sites like this will link to his articles to bring him more readers.

  4. Haha…ahhh, writers will say anything to get people to read their stuff. Manning isn’t retiring, win or lose…no one cares about playing football more than Peyton Manning…Freeman must be new to the business of football AND prognostication.

  5. YAHOO>>> Its been a good run, and I Believe. (GO CHIEFS!!!)

  6. Nothing like just making up a story.

  7. TexasSportsFan says:

    This is an example of what’s wrong with sports “journalism.” Peyton Manning has unambiguously stated that he’ll be back next season regardless of the outcome of the Super Bowl and will continue to play as long as he feels he can play at a high level and enjoys doing it. Why Mike Freeman didn’t just listen to what Peyton had to say instead of making up a story is beyond me. Opinions should be based upon something other than fantasy.

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