People still won’t support a Mike Vick endorsed product

mike-vickIt’s been almost seven years since Mike Vick was sentenced to 23 months in prison for dogfighting. Since then, Vick has seemingly changed his life and has been vocal against animal abuse.

One would think the fact that Vick served his punishment and years have passed since, the public would have slowly forgiven Vick. But the fallout from recent endorsement from Vick for the auction website QuiBids shows just how much disdain the public holds for him.

On Monday, Vick tweeted the endorsement as well as posting it on his Facebook page. And almost immediately, the backlash began. The backlash was so bad that QuiBids took to their own Facebook page and announced that they were no longer working with Vick:

We would like to sincerely apologize for the endorsements posted on Michael Vick’s Facebook and Twitter accounts yesterday.

As most employees here at QuiBids are dog owners, we want you to know we would never, ever condone animal abuse, and we’re sorry that our recent actions did not reflect our values.

Please know that we’ve had Michael delete his post and have stopped all future campaigns with him. Additionally, we’ll be making a contribution to the ASPCA to help the fight against animal cruelty.

We very much care about you and what you think and will take measures to ensure this doesn’t happen again.



And just in case you don’t understand why QuiBids had to reverse course on this, just take a look at the comments from their post. It’s littered with people applauding them for dropping Vick.

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  1. This makes me very proud of the company I work for, today!

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