Nick Saban has interesting view on what happened to his 2013 Alabama team

imagesAlabama who started the season as the favorite to win the National Championship finished the season on a rather sour note. The Tide lost in one of the most memorable Iron Bowls to rival Auburn. They then followed up that loss with a loss to Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl to finish 11-2.

On Monday, Alabama head coach Nick Saban spoke at the American Football Coaches Association convention where he discussed the season and many different things, such as his favorite win and how he could smell bourbon on the 50 yard line at LSU. But what I thought was interesting was his comment when talking about what went wrong with his 2013 Alabama football team which were compiled in tweets by reporters in attendance.

It’s funny that Saban would say this because what he’s basically saying is that his staff really didn’t care for this particular team that much. Well, that’s what I got out of it.

What do you think?


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