Monte Kiffin says son Lane Kiffin is fired up about coaching at Alabama

Monte & Lane KiffinAs we all know, Lane Kiffin was hired by Nick Saban to be Alabama’s new offensive coordinator. Since his arrival, Kiffin has been seen everywhere and he even did a little karaoke at a recruiting party at Saban’s house.

People continue to wonder how Kiffin keeps getting jobs and Alabama fans want to know if he is going to give it his all. Well, Monte Kiffin was at the Senior Bowl Tuesday scouting for the Dallas Cowboys (still can’t believe he has his job) and was asked about his son and this what he had to say:

“He’s pretty fired up.”

He was also asked about the rough time at USC and the perception of his son.

“Lane has taken a few knocks here and there along the way,” his dad said. “I know him pretty well. A lot better than most people. I know down deep he’s a good person, contrary to what people might think. Coach Saban wouldn’t have hired him if he didn’t feel the same way.”

He also thinks that working with Saban will help his son in the long run.

“To be able to go with Coach Saban, I think it’s a good opportunity for Lane. When Coach Saban hires you, it helps your credibility.”

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