Michael Strahan called Warren Sapp a coward, and now Sapp wants to fight

sapp-strahanWarren Sapp is no stranger to controversy. And usually Sapp’s mouth is the reason he finds himself in those controversies. So it shouldn’t surprise you that Sapp now finds himself in a back and forth with former N.Y. Giants defensive end Michael Strahan.

It all started when Sapp decided that he would tell reporters on Tuesday that Strahan doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame. Strahan eventually caught wind of the comments he responded, “The tiger does not pay attention to the opinion of a sheep.”

Strahan later elaborated and wondered aloud why Sapp has so much disdain for him.

“I don’t understand what the problem is, to be honest with you,” Strahan said. “If you have a problem with me, I’m the type of guy you come and talk to me. I’m not a coward to talk to somebody else when I have somebody’s number. I’m going to come to you and tell you if I have a problem. So I don’t understand what this whole thing is about.”

Of course, the only thing that Sapp or anyone for that matter heard in the statement is coward. And now being called a coward has Sapp wanting to meet up with Strahan so he can give him a “dose of it.”

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  1. I know how to shut Sapp up.
    Look! Here comes Joey Porter! (haha)

  2. Robert Zippin says:

    Well his name fits him, who the hell is Warren Sapp?

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