Jimmy Haslam pens letter to Browns fans ensuring them that not having hired a coach yet is part of the process

NFL: Cleveland Browns-Rob Chudzinski Press ConferenceThere are a couple of different perceptions about the current Cleveland Browns head coaching vacancy depending on where you reside. If you live outside of Cleveland, you clearly think no one wants the jobs. Especially when see report after report about candidates asking that their names be removed from consideration.

If you live in Cleveland, you certainly think someone wants the job. But the owner and his minions are screwing this entire process up, much like they screwed up on the handling of former head coach Rob Chudzinski.

Then, there’s the perception of Browns owner, Jimmy Haslam . To Haslam, the fact that everyone outside of Cleveland believes that no one wants the job matters not to him. Mainly, because in his mind, he really hasn’t offered to anyone. In his mind, he is taking his time and being methodical. And just in case Browns fans are mistaking his methodical approach for screwing this totally up, he decided to outline his approach in a letter to fans.

Here’s the letter that was obtained by Ian Rapoport of NFL.com


I thought it was important to take a little bit of time to update you on our head-coach search. We have had the opportunity to speak to a number of outstanding candidates. We have purposefully been very methodical in our approach. We believe it is very important to stay disciplined to this process and to interview all of the candidates on our list. We are strongly committed to finding the right person to coach the Cleveland Browns.

We understood from the beginning that if we wanted to speak to all of the coaches on our list that we may need to wait until they have completed their participation in the playoffs. We are prepared to wait as long as necessary because this is a very important decision. Everyone in our organization is committed to finding the right leader for our team.

We believe the head coach of the Cleveland Browns to be a very attractive position. We have one of the youngest teams in the League, a roster that includes five Pro Bowlers. In addition, we have more salary-cap room than all but one NFL team. We also have three of the top 35 picks in the upcoming draft and five of the top 83 selections.

We are very much looking forward to adding a strong coach to our football team. On behalf of the Cleveland Browns, I cannot thank you enough for your valuable support and passion that you show for our team.

We look forward to communicating with you again after the search process is complete. Thank you again for your phenomenal support and loyalty.

So all in all, Haslam believes the Browns job to be a “very attractive position.” It’s too bad that others don’t see it that way.

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