Herschel Walker thinks Jason Garrett is best suited to be an offensive coordinator

Jason-GarrettDespite yet another disappointing end to the season, the Dallas Cowboys have decided to stand pat for the most part. And while some were looking for a shakeup, particularly at the head coaching spot, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones felt that it was not necessary.

So with Garrett still at the helm, fans and former players are beginning to voice their displeasure. Today’s voicing of displeasure comes from former Cowboys running Herschel Walker. Walker made an appearance on GBag Nation on KRLD-FM Thursday to discuss the Cowboys season and his opinion of Garrett. And though Walker believes that Garrett is just fine as an offensive coordinator, he fully believes that Garrett is not cut out to be a head coach.

One of the things I’ve said many times, and forgive me for saying this, but I think Jason Garrett is an offensive coordinator. I think he’s done well as a head coach, but he’s not a head coach. He’s an offensive coordinator. I think you’ve got to get a head coach in and let Jason go back to being an offensive coordinator. The games that they lost, they should have been running the ball. Even though they stacked the box, what they’re saying then is we’re going to force you to throw the ball because you can’t throw the ball. Well you’ve got one of the best receivers in Dez Bryant in the NFL. You’re gonna tell me you can’t throw the ball? You can throw the ball. The thing is you’ve just gotta put a scheme together that’s gonna work. But that’s not the problem in losing the game. Losing the game is all the mistakes they’re making, the penalties they’re making.

You won’t find many Cowboys fans who disagree with Walker’s opinion. But unfortunately, Jerry Jones seems to disagree so that means fans are stuck with him.

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