Did new Georgia DC Jeremy Pruitt leave Florida State due to being a ladies man?

jeremy-pruittOn Wednesday we posted a story about Jeremy Pruitt accepting the defensive coordinator position at Georgia. All Florida State fans including myself didn’t understand why Pruitt would make a lateral move when Florida State would have pretty much matched the money that Georgia offered.

But now that Pruitt is gone, the rumors about why he left are starting to bubble to the surface. Rick Ballou, of 1010XL Radio in Jacksonville, FL is respected by many when comes to information related to Florida State. Here is his take on what he was told by people he trust about Pruitt’s situation. A take that involves Pruitt being forced to leave town because of his after-hours pursuits.

If this is true (which many people think it is) sounds like Pruitt had no choice but to leave.

[Tomahawk Nation]

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