Deion Sanders says he’s suiting up for the Pro Bowl, NFL says no you’re not

deion-sandersDeion Sanders caused quite the stir on Twitter on Monday when he tweeted the following:

Instantly, people were intrigued to see a 47-year-old Deion Sanders and a 51-year-old Jerry Rice. I’m not quite sure why people were intrigued by this, but they were.

Then, Pro Football Talk spoke with a league source and suddenly all that intrigue was down the drain as the source told them that Sanders would not suit up for the game. But, they would be allowed to do everything else a 40+ man in a coaching role would normally do.

A league spokesman tells PFT that Sanders won’t be playing in the all-star game, but that he and fellow captain Jerry Rice “will be spending the full week with their clubs beyond the draft, attending practices, on the sidelines for gameday.”

Welp, it was fun while it lasted.

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