Alabama freshman Tony Brown arrested after only being on campus for two weeks


Alabama cornerback Tony Brown was arrested Saturday night and was charged with  failure to obey and resisting arrest. Brown, who enrolled early to compete for playing time next season was released on $1,500 yesterday. Here is what The Tuscaloosa Police Department released about the arrest.

Incident at Campus Way Apartments

Tuscaloosa Police responded to a loud party and underage drinking complaint at Campus Way Apartments (301 Helen Keller Blvd) at 12:53 am on 1/19/14. Officers arrived on scene and located a large party at one of the apartments. While investigating the complaint officers found probable cause to arrest Chavis Taylor for Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Arrest. As officers were walking Taylor to a patrol unit a large crowed (approximately 40 individuals) followed and gathered around officers. Officers told the crowd multiple times to disperse. Officers warned one individual (Tony Brown) multiple times to back up and leave the parking lot. The individual would walk a few steps away and then would walk right back towards officers. The officers warned the individual that if he did not leave the parking lot he would be arrested. The individual yelled threatening profanity at the officer and stepped toward the officers again. At the time the officer grabbed the suspect to take him into custody. The suspect pulled away resisting officers. Officers used pepper spray on the suspect and forced him to the ground and took him into custody. Both suspects were transported to the Tuscaloosa County Jail.

Wonder how Nick Saban is going to handle his star recruit that’s already getting in trouble.

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