Radio host Dan Sileo tweets $1,000 bounty on Florida State player

DAN_SILEOYou remember Dan Sileo right? He’s the guy that went on WQAM in Miami and ranted about the sad state of the Miami football program. A rant that included the phrase, “Pull a knife on ‘em, and stick ‘em! Gauge his eyes! Hit him in the knees! Kick him in the balls! Something! Show me you care! Jesus Christ almighty.”

Yeah, that guy.

Since then he’s been fired from WQAM, but somehow has managed to get a job with 640 Sports. That job is now in danger after Sileo promised to pay $1,000 to any Miami player that takes out FSU running back Devonta Freeman.

dan sileo

Sileo predictably deleted those tweets and has now been on a crusade to “take the tweet back”.


H/T SB Nation

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