Golden State is so desperate for bodies that they contemplated asking Brian Scalabrine to come out of retirement

Brian-Scalabrine-WarriorsGolden State has pretty much everything you look for in a contender. But the one thing they are lacking is big man depth. And the little depth they do have took a hit on Saturday night when backup center Jermaine O’Neal went down with a knee injury.

O’Neal’s injury had Warriors scrambling to decide what course of action to take. And during that period of scrambling, discussions were had about asking assistant Brian Scalabrine to come out of retirement to provide depth.

Well after the Warriors’ 102-88 victory Saturday night, two of the team’s top decision-makers stood deep inside Oracle Arena and discussed how to replace injured Jermaine O’Neal.

The conversation got so extreme that they entertained asking assistant coach Brian Scalabrineto come out of retirement to fill the void.

It’s not that the Warriors don’t have options to take the backup center’s place. It’s just that it’s nearly impossible for a single player to do everything the 35-year-old was doing for the team.

Because Scalabrine is an assistant for the Warriors, the transition from coach to player would be pretty seamless when it comes to plays and strategy. But it’s that whole issue of Scalabrine not having played in a NBA since April of 2012 that would be problematic.

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