USC reaching out to Tony Dungy could signal a change in philosophy for Pat Haden

tony-dungyTony Dungy joined the Dan Patrick Show on Monday and revealed that USC had reached out to his people to gauge his interest in taking their open coaching job.

Predictably, Dungy has zero interest in taking the job, but that’s not the story here. The real story here is that a school that has the history and resources of USC to lure almost any coach they want would be content with hiring Tony Dungy.

That last sentence isn’t a slight to Tony Dungy at all. The man is a heck of a football coach. But in today’s college football landscape, you need someone at the helm that is consumed with his job and every minute detail of it. Think Nick Saban and Urban Meyer.

Tony Dungy isn’t built like that. He has other interests and other causes much bigger than football. Which leads to a much bigger question? How important is wins and losses in the eyes of AD Pat Haden?

If wins and losses were really important in Haden’s eyes, Dungy wouldn’t even be on his radar. But it just may be that Haden is more concerned with running a clean program with upstanding student athletes that leave the program as men. Which is want hiring Tony Dungy will guarantee you.

So USC fans may end up having to answer a tough question: Are they content with a good team that contends every one and a while and is squeaky clean or do they want a perennial contender knowing that a scandal or two is always possible?

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