Report: NFL owners pass rule forcing teams to participate in Hard Knocks

hardknocksOne of the only joys of the NFL preseason is the airing of Hard Knocks on HBO. And despite all the joy that NFL fans get from Hard Knocks, there was actually fear that the show would end. Mainly, because NFL teams had become reluctant to participate in the show.

Those fears are no longer an issue according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network as NFL owner passed a rule on Tuesday basically mandating that NFL teams participate in the show.

All organizations will be eligible with the exception of those with new coaches or those that have made the playoffs for two consecutive seasons.

This is a tacit acknowledgment from the NFL that the show’srange and power are an invaluable asset to professional football, regardless of any perceived invasion of privacy.

Rapoport also reports that the league will still allow teams to volunteer for the show, but if there are not any volunteers, they will designate a team.

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