Live from the message boards: Florida fans are now debating if Will Muschamp is better than Ron Zook

will-muschampEvery week of the college football season, we check in to see how a fanbase in handling either a tough loss or an unexpected loss. Today, we check on the Florida Gators fanbase after yet another loss. This time to Missouri. And with the season up in flames, they are left to ponder whose tenure is worse: Will Muschamp or Ron Zook?

Here’s how things get started:

The day he was hired….I posted a thread titled MusZook. Upon further reflection, ZookChamp sounds better, but that was the only part I got wrong.

Now the debate is on.

Zook never put a respectable season together. We might not of been as good as our record showed, but 11 wins and BCS Bowl was never even a close for Zook.

We are lost on O. Nothing works and the ‘plan’ to score only the minimum, rely on our D and start to run out the clock from the first snap is just horrific. Our O needs to be trying to score 40 every game, not 20.

I knew it as soon as I saw it. Look at UF history.

Charlie Pell assistant coach hired as UF’s HBC, ended in the worst catastrophe in UF football history.

Galen Hall promoted assistant, looked a good deal like what we have right now and managed to get our probation extended.

Steve Spurrier, former head coach of Duke, came here an basically established any tradition we have at all as a championship level program.

Ron Zook………15 losses in 3 years was in over his head and perpetually lost.

CWM….see above.

Muschamp is no Zook. His best is better than Zooks best and his worst isn’t as bad as Zook. Zook never came close to going 11-2 and playing in a BCS bowl game. It may have been some smoke and mirrors but it was still 11-2. And Muschamp hasn’t lost to a team with a losing record. Not yet at least. Remember Zook lost to a team in Miss St that I believe finished with a 3-8 or 2-9 record or something like that. Do people not remember that particular game? Also Zook has a hard enough time just trying to keep a defensive coordinator job (got demoted by Spurrier). Muschamp is at least a great DC if he doesn’t make it as a head coach.

By no means am I endorsing Muschamp but IMO he’s no Zook.

He is better than zook overall, but his offensive scheme and the talent he has brought in on offense are worse, much worse. The incompetence I have seen on offense this year is scary. If it starts affecting recruiting (if it hasnt already) it could take a couple years to get us back on track. It looks to me like it is headed further in the wrong direction fast. Hopefully we hit on grier.

The injuries make it difficult to gauge Muschamp fairly.

At the moment I would rate him as significantly better than zook concerning off-field discipline/antics, slightly better than the zooker (but trending towards a push) regarding on-field performance, and behind the zooker in recruiting. The wheels seem to have come off this team so quickly that it’s difficult for me to imagine that one of the problems isn’t the HC.

We can stop there. The bottom line is that a fanbase of program that just won a National Championship in 2008 has been relegated to discussing how bad their coach is.

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