It seems that Joe Girardi is really contemplating walking away from the Yankees

joe-girardiIf ever there was a story that indicates how far the Yankees have fallen, this is it. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Yankees manager Joe Girardi is torn between taking an extension with the Yankees or walking away to presumably pursue the open Chicago Cubs job.

The Yankees have offered Girardi a contract that would pay him $12 million to $15 million over three years. A contract that Girardi has yet to accept. Not because he wants more money or a few more years on the contract, but because he seems to be more intrigued by the Cubs job than his current job.

He wants to formally explore the Cubs’ opening after weeks of back-channel feelers, according to sources. But industry sources familiar with the negotiations say the Yankees have made it clear their offer might not remain in play if he chooses to talk to other teams first.

The Yankees have denied the Cubs permission to talk to Girardi and reportedly also have denied permission to the Nationals.

It must be noted that Girardi is from Illinois. And if he somehow leads the Cubs to a World Series championship, in his home state, a statue would be erected outside of the Wrigley Field the very next day.

But historically, you just don’t walk away from the Yankees. And historically, there was never a reason to do such a thing. But with a clubhouse full of aging stars and an unclear vision of how money will be spent going forward, Girardi just might go against history.

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