Dez Bryant has a meltdown on the sideline; Deion Sanders chalks it up to playing with passion

dez-bryant2The Dallas Cowboys fell to 4-4 after basically giving the Detroit Lions a 31-30 victory. While most Monday’s after a loss like this would be used to talk about Tony Romo blowing the game or Jason Garrett needing to lose his job, this particular Monday morning has been used to discuss Dez Bryant losing his mind on the sideline.

Bryant seemed to be upset about something. That something is just unclear at this point. No matter what it was, Bryant has been roundly criticized, and some are wondering if he should be suspended. But if you ask Bryant’s confidant Deion Sanders, Bryant’s meltdown was just all the passion Bryant plays with. And in Sanders’ mind, Bryant is the only player on the Cowboys roster that plays with any passion.

“He is the only guy on that team that plays with that kind of passion. The only guy,” Sanders said on NFL Network’s “NFL GameDay Highlights. ” … At certain times he shows immaturity. (However), you can’t want the passion, mental toughness and aggressiveness on the field but not want it off the field.

“I guarantee you he is yelling about the way his team is performing … and ball distribution,” Sanders added. ” … You can’t ask for his passion and intensity in certain areas of the game but not really want it when it is really going down.”

Whatever it was, Jerry Jones was not concerned about any of it. So in the big picture, Bryant’s meltdown and any other meltdown he has left in him matters not.

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