Compassionate Nick Saban never runs up the score because he has compassion for other people

Nick SabanAlready up 45-0 over Arkansas with less than a minute left in the game, Alabama went up 52-0 after freshman running back Derrick Henry broke a 80 yard touchdown run. To which Nick Saban threw up his hands in disgust.

Why? Because Nick Saban has compassion for the other people. A point that he thought he needed to stress during his radio show a couple of days before his team took on the Razorbacks.

“I never run up the score,” Saban said as he went on a tangent following a question about the criteria college football’s playoff committee should use starting in 2014. “If we’d have just made a first down rather than scoring last week (at Kentucky), I’d have kneeled on the ball and all the fans probably would have booed us, like we kneeled on the ball last year when we were ahead of Auburn. I just think you have to have compassion for other people. They have moms and dads, they work hard. You don’t need to embarrass anybody.

“If that’s what you have to do to get ranked higher, I think it’s ridiculous. I don’t.”

It should probably be said that compassionate Nick Saban doesn’t have to run up the score to get ranked higher. Because of his success by way of being not so compassionate when it comes to his roster, his squad gets the benefit of the doubt in the rankings.

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