After being suspended for head shots, Brandon Meriweather now vows to ‘tear people’s ACLs’

Brandon-Meriweather-RedskinsYou probably never believed that Redskins defensive back Brandon Meriweather was the smartest man on the planet. Especially if you just watch how he plays. Game after game he knocks other players out of games and even knocks himself out of games. Yet, none of that was enough for him to scale back his play.

So the NFL was forced to help him scale back his play by suspending him for two-games which was shortened to one-game on appeal. So now that Meriweather has gotten the message loud and clear that the NFL won’t tolerate head shots, he’s decided to turn his attention to another part of opposing player’s bodies.

Yes, you read that Brandon Meriweather is now going to try to end people’s career. Oh and Meriweather also had a few things to say about Brandon Marshall’s assertion that he should be kicked out of the league for his playing style.


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