Vikings receiver coach likens Greg Jennings’s transition from Green Bay to Minnesota to going from a mansion to an apartment

blg 06 vikings day threeVikings receiver coach George Stewart spoke candidly to the Star Tribune about the lack of big plays in the passing game during the Vikings’ 34-24 loss to the Lions. In the midst of Stewart’s candid assessment, he also provided a few entertaining analogies when it came to his wide receivers.

When talking about why Jerome Simpson received most of the snaps which left rookie Cordarrelle Patterson on the sideline, Stewart gave this analogy.

Jerome was making plays all over the field. And Cordarrelle is behind him [on the depth chart]. It’s hard taking Jerome out of the offense. It’s kind of like Michael Jordan shooting threes and then deciding to bring in the backup guard. But we’re going to get Cordarrelle more involved, obviously, this weekend.”

If comparing Simpson to “Michael Jordan shooting threes” wasn’t enough, Stewart then goes ahead and makes an even better analogy about Simpson.

“That was a play we called for that particular coverage. Man, it was like a Willie Mays catch. Jerome is like Bambi. He’s like a little deer. He has unbelievable bounding ability. That’s Jerome Simpson’s game when he’s healthy. And he’s healthy.”

He’s analogized Cordarrelle Patterson and Jerome Simpson and all who’s left is Greg Jennings. So Stewart decides to make the analogy that Jennings will need time to acclimate himself to his new apartment after years of being used to a mansion.

“He understands that this is a team. He understands that everybody can’t marry Miss America. We have good players here. Really good football players. Greg understands that. He’s not trying to compare anybody to anybody. He’s trying to be the best receiver he can be for our quarterback, like he did for Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. It’s kind of like living in a house. One day, you may have a mansion and the next day you may have an apartment. Regardless of where you live, it’s home. He’s trying to make the best home he can make.”

Did George Stewart just compare playing with Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers to a mansion while comparing playing with Christian Ponder to an apartment? I think he did.

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