Unnamed Eagles player says fight between Riley Cooper and Cary Williams was related to Cooper video

riley cooper cary williams fightOn Thursday I went from wondering if the fight between Riley Cooper and Cary Williams was a normal practice scuffle, to believing that there was more to it once I saw the video. And now, an unnamed Eagles player has stepped forward with information backing my belief.

According to this player, the fight was definitely related to the video that surfaced of Cooper using racial slurs at a Kenny Chesney concert. This player also told Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer that Williams was heard shouting, “”I’m not a n- you [mess] with” during the fight.

Chip Kelly admitted had fears that the video would divide the Eagles locker room in the wake of the video surfacing, but up until now things have been relatively calm. But it seems that Williams, at least, isn’t quite over the video.

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