The Jacksonville Jaguars are offering free beer if you buy a ticket to Sunday’s game


The Jacksonville Jaguars are done asking Jaguars fans to come out to support the team just on the merits of being fans. Because frankly, that hasn’t been working for years.

Instead, they’ve decided to plaster the landing page above on their website to entice fans to come out for Sunday’s game against the Colts by offering free beer. And as you can see, they’re not offering just one free beer. They are offering two free beers. Which will undoubtedly guarantee that by the time the game is out of reach in the 3rd quarter, fans are on their 5th beer and drunk off their tail.

And just to be sure that they can lure as many possible fans interested in free beer, the Jaguars official Twitter account also relayed the news.


Giving free beer to fans while their team gets destroyed right in front of their eyes seems like a great idea don’t you think?

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