Tahj Boyd is not the starting quarterback at Tennessee because of Lane Kiffin

tahj boydCollege football is littered with these types of stories. But they only become a big deal when a school continues to struggle and the player involved becomes a superstar.

There are the well publicized stories of Mack Brown recruiting Robert Griffin III and Johnny Manziel as defensive backs. And the most recent story about Brown passing on FSU quarterback Jameis Winston, despite Winston wanting to attend Texas. But today’s story centers around Clemson quarterback Tahj Boyd and former Tennessee and current USC head coach Lane Kiffin.

Boyd was committed to Tennessee during his senior year of high school and was ready to play in Knoxville for the Vols. Then, Philip Fulmer got fired and Kiffin took over the helm and made it clear that there was no future for Boyd at Tennessee.

Boyd had committed to Tennessee, but coach Phillip Fulmer was fired near the end of the season. New coach Lane Kiffin was willing to honor the scholarship though he told [Boyd’s high school Bill] Dee and Boyd’s father that Tajh was not part of the big picture.

From there Dabo Swinney swooped in and the rest is history.

So, Boyd was deciding between Ohio State and Oregon when Danny Pearman, a former assistant at Virginia Tech, called his friend Dee to ask if Clemson could make a pitch.

Before Boyd left for the U.S. Army All-American game, Swinney visited the family’s home and asked them to buy into his dream. He finished by showing them the poster.

[….] An avid sports fan, Tim Boyd had watched Clemson’s first game after Swinney was named interim coach and was impressed by the team’s energy despite an emotionally draining week. He also saw Swinney’s introductory news conference and was struck by his sincerity.

“It was the kind of person I wanted to be around my kid for the next four or five years,” Boyd’s father said.

The Boyd family had stopped in Clemson one summer years before during a trip south to a reunion. They visited Clemson in January and concluded it was a place their son could thrive. They intended to follow him wherever he chose, so it suited them, too, the rural small town.

So for Tennessee fans, this is just one more reason for them to hate Lane Kiffin.

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