Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan celebrated Sunday’s win by buying a round at New Orleans bar

rob-ryanRob Ryan coaching in New Orleans is perfect on many levels: the hair, the “I don’t give a F” attitude. But the most perfect thing about Ryan coaching in New Orleans is the fact that Ryan is just a regular dude that just so happens to coach football.

For example, while other Saints players and coaches celebrated Sunday’s win over the Falcons either privately or in downtown New Orleans, Ryan decided to celebrate with the locals at Ms. Mae’s , a dive bar on Magazine St. And he didn’t just celebrate by by himself a few drinks, he bought a round for everyone in the bar.

Nola Defender spoke to a bartended that were at the bar when Ryan made his appearance.

“When he walked in the whole bar clapped,” said Ms. Mae’s bartender Jason Matherne.

“He put down 100 bucks and was like buy everybody a round and keep the change,” Matherne said.

Anyone who has seen the sun come up outside of Mrs. Mae’s knows $100 can buy a lot.

“In here, that’s like a fortune,” said Matherne.

“We think it’s pretty cool that he’s so down to Earth. He comes in and gets Rolling Rock,” Matherne said. “He doesn’t drink anything fancy. He drinks the cheapest beer we have,” said Matherne.

Of course, Rob Ryan drinks the cheapest beer they have. Nothing about him says “beer snob.”

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  1. “I knew I liked this guy”!

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