NFL GMs are reportedly paying close attention to how Kevin Sumlin is handling Johnny Manziel

Kevin Sumlin Johnny ManzielThere are some that think that once Johnny Manziel bolts College Station for the NFL, Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin will follow him out the door. Not because Sumlin doesn’t want to coach an Aggie team without Manziel, but because many think he’s a surefire NFL coach.

While it’s been well documented that NFL GMs aren’t really too keen on Manziel’s antics, there hasn’t been much talk about how NFL GMs think Sumlin is handling it all. But thanks to a report by National Football Post, we now know that some in the NFL aren’t too impressed with how Sumlin’s handled it.

An example one GM points to is the way Sumlin handled Manziel’s unsportsmanlike conduct penalty during the Rice game. The GM says Sumlin was right to chastise Manziel for the penalty, but took notice of that fact that Manziel basically ignored Sumlin as he was coming off the field.

“It’s more than just X’s and O’s, you know?” a league general manager noted to NFP last week, in discussing Sumlin and Manziel. “You have to find ways to manage even the more unmanageable people on your team. And time will tell if (Sumlin) has that quality. We’ll see.” Said a league director of operations: “Any team starting to look (at Sumlin), it just gives them one more thing to watch moving forward. It makes a difference when we’re evaluating (coaching candidates).”

Yet another layer of an already crazy storyline from College Station. And if the Aggies win on Saturday, there will be even more.

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