NFL executives reportedly believe Kevin Sumlin ‘is a star’

US Presswire Sports ArchiveOn Monday, I wrote about how both Kevin Sumlin and Johnny Manziel won despite Texas A&M losing to Alabama on Saturday. Mainly because the way the two handled themselves against the closest thing to a NFL team in college football.

While there dividends from the game aren’t paying off Manziel quite yet, they are definitely paying off for Sumlin according to Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report.

Freeman reports that NFL executives loved what they saw from him on Saturday and that he could pass Brian Kelly as the coach NFL executives would pluck from the college ranks besides Nick Saban.

“The more I watch this guy, the more I fall in love with him,” said one AFC team executive.

“He’s a rising star,” said another. “Or just a star, period.”

I think if these guys could, they would have given him a rose.

The outcome of the Alabama game didn’t seem to matter. To these executives, the Aggies were so out-manned despite having a Heisman winner, and this was the expected outcome. The fact Texas A&M mounted a comeback against Saban, college football and the NFL’s golden boy, only enhanced Sumlin’s stature. The Aggies’ 42 points were the most allowed by a Crimson Tide team under Saban.

If that wasn’t proof enough that Saturday was big, it seems that some executives are also coming around on the one thing he’s criticized the most for; his handling of Johnny Manziel.

He handled the Johnny Manziel situation impressively. What Sumlin knew and didn’t know no one will ever truly be able to decipher until Manziel writes his autobiography, but the way Sumlin didn’t provide information and played dumb was actually a positive thing to the NFL executives I spoke to. They love it when a coach gives the media nothing.

Many NFL personnel men think Manziel is a jackass and Sumlin handled him as best as was possible.

I said it before and I’ll say it again; what happened on Saturday will eventually make Sumlin a ton of money down the road.

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