Mark Sanchez believes the Jets want to put him on IR

New York Jets v New York GiantsIt should be crystal clear by now that the Jets want the Mark Sanchez era to be over. The problem with that is that the Geno Smith era, in the short term at least, doesn’t look all that promising. And there’s no way that Jets fans will stand for Geno Smith throwing interception after interception while the veteran quarterback that beat him out in training camp stands on the sideline.

So the Jets are faced with the issue of finding a way to give Geno Smith the reins without having to deal with the distraction of Sanchez. Luckily for the Jets, Sanchez is currently out for who knows how long with a shoulder injury. To make sure Sanchez is out permanently, all the Jets really have to do is place him on IR. And that’s exactly what Sanchez fears that the Jets will do.

Now that rookie Geno Smith has been named the New York Jets starting quarterback for the season opener Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a person close to ailing Mark Sanchez told USA TODAY Sports that the quarterback “believes the organization wants to see him placed on (injured reserve) and be done with him.”

The person added that Sanchez, who is nursing a shoulder injury, believes the Jets think “it makes it cleaner and easier” that way.

The person said Sanchez fears the “organization has turned its back on Mark and is prepared to move on. It is ready to start fresh with Geno.”

A NFL team using IR to deal with a personnel issue seems a bit over the type. But with the way the Jets operate, you can’t really put this past them.

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