Live from the message boards: Texas fans say it’s over for Mack Brown

mack brownEvery week of the college football season, we check in to see how a fanbase in handling either a tough loss or an unexpected loss. Today, we check on the Texas Longhorns fanbase after yet another loss, this time to Ole Miss. And in their minds, it’s over for Mack Brown.

We’ll get things started with this:

This is it!!!!!!

And from there, we’re off and running.

If you don’t like Mack get lost! I’m sticking by Mack!

I will never say.

It’s over. Thank you for all you have done, but you’re out of here. I’m tired of apologizing for you. This is not Texas football anymore.

Hope he goes out with a nice ceremony and a thank you for all you have done. Who am I kidding, I just want him to go.

I think Mack gets credit for resurrecting our program and establishing relationships with the local high school coaches. I think he was an innovator in the recruiting field. The problem was he was a better sales man than coach. I just don’t think he truly knew how to piece a complete team together to fit a true vision system the way a Saban, Bill Bellichek, Chip Kelly, Jimmy Johnson, etc, etc. Case in point: the QB situation. He’s all over the place with different style QB’s.

Decent coach – by no means great. Masterful marketer and politician – perfect front office guy and it’s time for that role. Had it not been for Vince Young carrying the team to a championship, Brown would have been gone by now. The program is bigger than him. He’s a good guy and should be treated with dignity, but firmness. It cannot be any more clear by now. He knows it – you can see it in his face. It’s a big job – bigger than him.

Obviously, for those who are familiar with me, I burned the Mack Brown wagon long ago. However, I still see “he’s a good guy” and “he deserves respect” crap being thrown around. Phuck that! He’s an ignorant, soft, selfish SOB who personally ran the Texas program into the ground without a single thread of accountability. It was always somebody else’s fault. Respect? Hell no! Phuck Mack! God willing, I will one day get the chance to piss on his grave. I hate that useless mf’er that much.

And then finally, one fan hits the nail on the head about what Mack Brown has become.

Mack has become the George Lucas of Texas. He created something special, built a following of loyal fans, and then destroyed it all through his own ego and arrogance.

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